Customs Regulations

The following may be taken into Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Up to 1.5L of wine or spirits
  • Up to 200 cigarettes
  • Up to 250g of tobacco
  • Up to 50 cigars


To enter Trinidad and Tobago you must present a passport valid for six months after your departure date. When you arrive, you’ll fill out an Immigration Arrival Card. Customs officials require that you fill out the line asking where you are staying; if you don’t know, list any local hotel. You may also need to show a printout of your flight itinerary to show that you have a valid ongoing ticket.


For stays of less than three months, visas are not required by citizens of the US, Canada, the UK, India and most European countries.

Visas are required by citizens of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and some other Commonwealth countries (including Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda). Visas can be obtained through the Trinidad and Tobago embassy or consulate in your home country or, if one doesn't exist, online via the website of the T&T government's Immigration Division.