Charlotteville attractions

Top Choice Beach in Charlotteville

Pirate’s Bay

Past Charlotteville's pier, a dirt track winds up and around the cliff to concrete steps that descend to Pirate’s Bay, which offers excellent snorkeling and fantastic beach liming, with locals and visitors making a …
Hill in Charlotteville

Flagstaff Hill

Reached via a signposted turnoff from the main road between Speyside and Charlotteville, Flagstaff Hill is a popular spot to picnic and watch the birds circling St Giles Island. The coastal views are stupendous.
Beach in Charlotteville

Man of War Bay

The large, horseshoe-shaped Man of War Bay is fringed by a palm-studded brown-sand beach with good swimming. Roughly in the middle of the beach, you’ll find changing facilities (TT$1) and the Suckhole beach bar, adj…
Fort in Charlotteville

Fort Campbleton

Within walking distance of Charlotteville village, the site of the old Fort Campbleton, on the west side of Man of War Bay, offers a good coastal view amid landscaped grounds, with a cannon pointed out to sea.