Motorcycle in Bhutan

Saffron Road Motorcycle Tours

Can arrange motorcycle trips.
Travel Agency in Bhutan

Yangphel Adventure Travel

Operates fly-fishing tours and encourages a 'catch and release' approach.
in India

Dr Ambedkar Bus Station Office

The Lahore Bus Service leaves from Delhi’s Dr Ambedkar Bus Station office at 6am daily, arriving in Lahore around 12 hours later. The fare is Rs1500 one way (advance bookings are essential). The baggage limit is 20k…
Airline in China

Hainan Airlines

Airline in China

Shandong Airlines

Airline in China

Shenzhen Airlines

Airline in China

Sichuan Airlines

Airline in China

Spring Airlines

Has connections between Shànghǎi and tourist destinations such as Qīngdǎo, Guìlín, Xiàmén and Sānyà.
Train Station in Thailand

Chiang Mai Railway Station

Transport Office in Laos

Nong Khai's Land Transport Office

Coming from Thailand, which doesn't recognise the carnet de passage system, an International Transport Permit, known in Thailand as the lêm sĕe môoang (purple book), is required. This is available at Nong Khai's Lan…