Food & Drinks in Tórshavn

Frants Restorff

Bakery-grocery Frants Restorff opens helpfully long hours.
Fashion & Accessories in Tórshavn

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen has Faroese flags.
Food & Drinks in Tórshavn


The only liquor store is Rúsdrekkasøla.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Tórshavn

Andreas í Vágsbotni

Several shops sell souvenirs from knitwear to cuddly puffin toys. Andreas í Vágsbotni also stocks T-shirts and costumed dolls.
Music in Tórshavn

HCW Tórgarð

HCW Tórgarð sells CDs of local music.
Arts & Crafts in Tórshavn


Listir sells glass and woollen craftwork.
Food & Drinks in Tórshavn


For supermarkets, Miklagarður is the best-stocked, though other supermarkets are marginally cheaper.
Specialty in Tórshavn


Photocare downloads digital photos to disk.
Clothing in Tórshavn


Sirri produces elegant designer garments from organic, dye-free wool and local sheepskins.