Vava’u is hilly but fairly manageable by bicycle. Café Tropicana in Neiafu rents out decent bikes with helmets from $15 per day.


Buses run from central stops on Tu'i Rd and Fatafehi Rd in Neiafu to most parts of Vava’u and its connected islands, leaving when full. They usually make the run into town in the morning and return in the afternoon, so they’re not much good for day trips from town. Most fares are under T$2.


Rental cars are available in Neiafu. A Tongan visitor's driver’s licence is probably prudent (T$40 from the police station) but operators may turn a blind eye if you don't have one. Don't park under coconut trees, and watch out for the usual maelstrom of kids, pigs, chickens and dogs throwing themselves into the road.

Pasifika Rentals Pasifika Rentals has a few rental cars for T$60 to T$80 per day. Call ahead or get the TVB to arrange one for you.


Taxis charge T$5 to T$10 around Neiafu, and T$30 to the airport, ‘Ano and Hinakauea Beaches. You'll usually find one parked along Fatafehi Rd, across from the Westpac bank.