Some guesthouses have bicycles for guest use. Rent a bike from Kingdom Travel Centre in Nuku'alofa.


Tongatapu's offshore island resorts all provide boat transport.


Buses around Tongatapu are run privately. There are no public buses and no fixed timetables. Nuku’alofa’s two bus terminals are on the waterfront on Vuna Rd. Buses to outlying areas of Tongatapu depart from the western bus terminal, close to Vuna Wharf. Local Nuku’alofa buses leave from the eastern bus terminal, opposite the Visitor Information Centre. Most fares fall into the T$1 to T$2 category. Bus services run from about 8am to 5pm; there are no buses on Sundays.

Car & Minibus

The following rental operators are all in Nuku'alofa.

Avis Cars from T$100 per day.

Fab Rentals Cars and vans from T$60 per day.

Friendly Islander Cruisers Scooter hire per half-/full day from T$35/50. Organise your pick-up/drop-off location when you book.

Sunshine Rental Cars from T$80 per day.


Taxis are unmetered: ask for the fare to your destination before you agree to pay or get in. From the airport into Nuku'alofa should be about T$40. Taxis have a ‘T’ on the licence plate. They’re not permitted to operate on Sunday, but some guesthouses know secret Sunday taxi suppliers.

Holiday Taxi

Wellington Taxi