Food & Drinks in Nuku'alofa

Tu'imatamoana Fish Market

Starts when the boats come in around 5am (get there early). Trestle tables covered with bags of oysters, iridescent tropical fish, big crabs with taped-up claws, fish heads, slippery squid – a real briny bounty.
Market in Neiafu

‘Utukalongalu Market

An open-walled harbourside hall crammed with racks of brightly coloured island fruit and veg, plus stalls selling locally hewn weavings, carvings and jewellery. There's a budget takeaway food arcade here too.
Art in Nuku'alofa

Langafonua Handicrafts Centre

A nonprofit artists co-op representing 300-plus local artists. Inside you'll find brilliant Tongan jewellery, carvings, baskets, weavings, canvasses...and trashy secondhand beach books!