By lofty Western standards, accommodation in Tonga is basic, and maintenance is something to do tomorrow. The golden rule: even if prices seem expensive (and they often are), don’t expect too much.

Tonga doesn't have much range in terms of international-style hotels, resorts or backpacker hostels. Instead, B&Bs and small boutique-style guesthouses have the market cornered, often with shared bathrooms and cooking facilities. Many of these are run by European expats.

Camping is generally discouraged and is illegal in Ha’apai and Vava’u unless part of a guided trip. Some guesthouses allow camping on their property.

Price Ranges

The following price ranges refer to a double room with bathroom: prices don't tend to vary much between seasons. Unless otherwise stated tax is included in the price.

$ less than T$100

$$ T$100 to T$200

$$$ more than T$200

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