Gardens in Around Vava'u

‘Ene’io Botanical Garden

Developed by Tonga's former Minister of Agriculture, these gardens are brimming with botany (550 different plant varieties!). Access is via guided tour: book yourself onto a short garden walk (T$35), a three-hour...

Gallery in Around Vava'u

Ark Gallery Vava'u

Paintings, prints, local arts and crafts...on a boat! If you're keen to visit, phone first, then take a taxi to ‘Ano Beach – you’ll be picked up there. Or if you’re on a yacht, sail up and use one of the Ark’s...

Beach in Around Vava'u

’Ano & Hinakauea Beaches

Near the southern end of Pangaimotu are these two beaut beaches backed by verdant vegetation, with sheltered waters, good snorkelling and a safe spot to anchor your yacht. A rewarding bike ride from Neiafu.