Top things to do in Northern Togo

Top Choice African in Kara

Centre Grill

An attractive place with a straw roof, wicker light shades and blackboard menus, Centre Grill serves divine Togolese food and good Western dishes. Try its fufu sauce arachide with grilled fish or pâte sorgho (mashed…
National Park in Sokodé

Parc National de Fazao-Malfakassa

This 1920-sq-km national park is one of the most diverse West African parks in terms of landscape, with forest, savannah, rocky cliffs and waterfalls. The park boasts 203 species of bird and many species of mammal, …
Wildlife Reserve in Kara

Parc Sarakawa

Unpretentious and relaxing, Parc Sarakawa is easily accessed from Kara as a day trip. While its wildlife-watching can't compare with that of the better-known parks in West Africa, this park spreads out over 607 hect…
Notable Building in Koutammakou

Tamberma Compound

This is an excellent example of a typical Tamberma compound, called a tata. There's a variety of traditional, inhabited tatas here, so typically a visit includes a greeting by the head of the compound and then the o…
African in Sokodé

Cafeteria 2000

If you're not eating at your hotel, try this basic snack bar, where the menu spells out every possible combination of meat and side dish. It's BYO beer.
Bar in Sokodé

Bar Temps en Temps

With its massive BBQ and candle-lit tables, this joint doubles as a beer hang-out and a great spot to grab a bite.