Top Choice French in Lomé

La Belle Époque

One of Lomé's finest tables, La Belle Époque, all crisp white table cloths and dimmed lighting, serves a refined French-inspired cuisine. You can also enjoy your meal in a verdant courtyard. Budget tip: ask for the …
Top Choice International in Lomé

Côté Jardin

Hands-down the most atmospheric eatery in Lomé, Côté Jardin has an exotic pleasure garden replete with tropical plants and woodcarvings. The supremely relaxing surrounds and eclectic menu make this a winner. Dim li…
French in Lomé

Alt München

A well-regarded restaurant just east of Hôtel Mercure-Sarakawa, offering a good selection of French and Bavarian specialities, including jarret de porc (pork knuckle) and fondue bourguignonne (meat fondue). Fish dis…
Steak in Lomé

Bena Grill

A nirvana for carnivores, this cheery restaurant in the market area is lauded for its top quality meat dishes, including a sensational côte porc grillée (grilled pork rib). Also serves sandwiches, burgers and salads…
Fast Food in Lomé

Brochettes sur la Capital

This Lomé institution is the city at its best - enjoy sitting outside eating lip-smacking kebabs and watching the boulevard hustle by.
Chinese in Lomé

China Town

This surprisingly unkitsch, air-conditioned Chinese restaurant, with a well-stocked bar, is at the southwest end of the boulevard.
Pizzeria in Lomé


It's a bit out of the action, but this great garden bar-restaurant, with a French owner, has an original decor, with colourful lanterns and funky colonial seats with retro faux-leather cushions. Foodwise, it feature…
Seafood in Lomé

Le Pêcheur

The name gives it away: this is a fantastic seafood place where you'll enjoy fish fillet a la plancha (cooked on a griddle) and skewered gambas. Well worth the splurge – if only it had an outdoor terrace!
African in Lomé

Nopégali Plage

You'll find no cheaper place for a sit-down meal in the centre. It's very much a canteen, but a good one, with friendly service and copious African dishes prepared grandma-style.
African in Lomé

Big Metro

This little eatery with a pavement terrace is a great spot to catch local vibes and nosh on unpretentious yet tasty African staples. The braised fish (CFA4000) is superb. Unfortunately, it's set on a busy thoroughf…