The Voodoo Trail

Classic, Lomé to Ouagadougou

Image by G Adventures

Tour description provided by G Adventures

Get off the beaten track and into the hills, forests and villages that make up the 'Voodoo Trail' of West Africa for an immersive experience that few travellers get to have. Meet African royalty and witness tribal dancers fall into trance-like states as you enjoy an authentic cultural experience like no other. An expert CEO will guide you through the stunning landscape, helping with the cultural and lingual hurdles, ensuring you come away with deep insight into the origins of Africa’s mystical animist religions. This is a truly mind-blowing experience. Interested?

What’s included

  • Your Welcome Moment: Meet Your CEO and Group
  • Arrival transfer
  • Lomé city tour
  • Voodoo ceremony experience
  • Kpalime guided nature walk
  • Slave route guided walk (Ouidah) with Python Temple visit
  • Ganvié stilt village visit (Lake Nowke)
  • Porto-Novo city tour
  • Audience with Yoruba king (if his schedule permits)
  • Abomey palace guided tour
  • Egun dancing mask ceremony
  • Fulani tribe visit
  • Moba tribe visit
  • Somba and Tamberma adobe castles visit
  • Gurunsi tribe visit and traditional dance ceremony
  • Dagarti and Lobi tribes visit
  • Loropeni visit
  • Guen king and tribe visit
  • Senoufo village visit
  • Banfora town tour
  • Bobo city tour
  • Bwa mask ceremony
  • Craft market visit
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities


  • Witness authentic voodoo ceremonies and dances
  • Explore the forests of kpalime
  • Meet african spiritual leaders and even royalty
  • Attend a traditional bwa mask ceremony
  • Visit ancient mosques and modern cities
  • Learn about the slave trade in ouidah.


Lomé Arrive at any time, arrival transfer included.
Lomé/Kpalimé Enjoy a city tour of Lomé, including the fetish market. Encounter voodoo firsthand at a local celebration en route the forested area around Kpalimé.
Kpalimé/Ouidah Take a guided forest walk in Kpalimé, then travel back through Lomé before crossing the border to Ouidah, Benin.
Ouidah/Porto-Novo Take a guided walk along the slave route in Ouidah and visit to the Temple of the Python. Take a boat across Lake Nokwe, stopping en route to visit the Ganvié stilt village.
Porto-Novo/Bohicon Enjoy a Porto-Novo city tour with visits to the Ethnographic Museum, religious centres, and herbal market. Visit a genuine Yoruba king, the Abomey Royal Palace, see the colourful Egun Dancing Mask celebration, and visit the Savalov.
Bohicon/Dassa-Zoumé Attend a performance of Egun masks; this is a traditional celebration of the Fon and Yoruba of South Benin. Travel to Dassa and see the sights.
Dassa-Zoumé/Natitingou Stop at the fetish of Dankoli en route to a Fulani encampment. Witness their nomadic culture firsthand.
Natitingou/Atakora Department Enjoy a day of walking in the land of the Somba people. Learn about the unique architecture and meet the locals.
Atakora Department/Dapaong Cross back into Togo and visit Tamberma and Moba villages.
Dapaong/Pô Cross into Burkina Faso. Visit the Mossi people then stop in the towns of Bagre and Zabre. See the Gurunsi tribe's fresco houses.
Pô/Gaoua Travel through the savannah to the Dagarti region and Gaoua. Explore the Dagarti tribe's villages.
Gaoua Explore the fascinating Lobi tribe's villages with a local Lobi guide. Meet a traditional healer and have a peek inside his home.
Gaoua/Banfora Explore the Loropeni ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later, visit the Guen people and their king and gold diggers in Senoufo village.
Banfora/Bobo-Dioulasso Visit sights around the Banfora region, like the Pics of Sindou. Hike to the top for breathtaking views. Take a boat excursion on Lake Tengrela and keep your eyes peeled for hippos. Continue on to Bobo.
Bobo-Dioulasso/Ouagadougou Witness a Bwa mask celebration before continuing to the capital of Ouagadougou.
Ouagadougou Depart at any time.