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$2857.75 Multi-day & Extended Tours

13-Days Guided Cultural Discovery and Adventure Tour of Togo and Benin from Lome

Day 1: You are met upon arrival at the Lomé–tokoin international airport by your local guide and transferred to your hotel . Day 2 : Visit to market and museum You will head to Kara north of Togo.A stop over is made at Sokode where you visit the market. Sokode is a commercial center. Day 3 : City and sight seeing tour You have a city tour to discover the people ,their history and their city. You will not miss the seeing of Mountain Kabye . Day 4 : Traveling to savannah area with breathtaking views You will depart from your hotel and travel to a contrasting landscape of savannah surrounding a small locality .Day 5 : Discovery of caves ,and soukals - the traditional village homes You will observe monkeys on the hills near the camp. You will visit the Nano caves and Soukalas .Day 6 : Border crossing and safari drive Depart for Natitingou crossing of the border Togo-Benin .Continue the route to the Pendjari National Park, Biosphere Reserve . You will take a late afternoon safari drive.Day 7 : Game drive and swimming at a waterfall and local interaction . You will take game drive and there after you continue to a waterfall at Tanougo for a well-deserved swim .Day 8 : Visit and face to face interaction with tambermas of Koutammakou world heritage cultural landscape villages Your route will take you to the Togo – Benin border you continue your journey to the valley of Tambermas, called Koutammakou and classified since 2004 in the UNESCO world heritage as cultural and natural landscape.Day 9 : Cultural discovery of metallurgical trade of the ,and skillful black smiths of Bassar region Depart to Bassar where the inhabitants are considered as being skillful in black smiths. Visit their blast furnaces built in clay and fired with wood .Pottery is a common artisan activity in the region.Day 10 : You will be traveling further south to the region of the lush green forest . Today you will move to Kpalimé , region of green forests with breathtaking scenery , water falls , rivers ,mountains and artisanal activitiesDay 11 : Departure for the lovely African dream mountainous village Kouma Konda A village of Kloto for or a botanical walk and swim in the water falls . Day 12 : Trekking to villages and traditional evening music and dance You will trek from one village to another in the area of Mount Agou.Day 13 : Last Day in Kpalime You will take a City tour of Kpalimé- purase some souvenirs when you visit the local craftsmen . After you depart to Lome for your onward flight

$543 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Tour of the Koutammakou UNESCO Heritage Site from Lome City

Day 1: Drive for the entire day to Kara making a quick stop at the market town of Sokode for a stroll. Overnight in Kara. Day 2: Visit the Koutammakou landscape, the Tamberma Valley and the Taberma people for the entire day. Get the chance to climb up a sacred baobab tree from the inside walls of its enormous trunk the way the Taberma people do. Climb up a sacred baobab tree from the inside walls of its enormous trunk the way the Taberma people do. Then when you reach the top of the trunk, you’d come out from a gap then come down the outside wall of the trunk akin to rock wall climbing (and trunk nodules take the place of rocks). This is a truly unique experience. This trip also includes a short stop at the blacksmith village of Wyamde. Overnight in Kara.Day 3: Drive for the entire day back to Lome making a stop at the Palais des Congres and the market town of Sokode on the way.This tour requires a minimum of 2 people and include: pick up and drop off at your local hotel, English/French-speaking local guides, basic double room, private car, activity fees and complementary bottled water throughout the tour. All visa requirements are the sole responsibility of the traveler.  

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