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Cultural & Theme Tours

1-Day Tour of Historical Villages and Lake Togo

Venture outside the Capital Lome on a full day guided driving, walking and sailing tour. You will visit three different villages and get to observe and learn about Togolese village life and interact with the locals. The historic village of Togoville is on the shores of Lake Togo, which you will cross by a traditional boat. The village of Agbodrafo where an illegal slave trade once operated is on the shores of the Atlantic coast. You will also visit Aneho, a picturesque fishing village, on the Gulf of Guinea.
10 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

2-Day Voodoo Tour with a Stay in a Remote Voodoo Village

Known as the homeland of Voodoo (or Vodun, French Vaudou), many Togolese still practice this ancient religion or spiritual folkway. Voodoo traditions and rituals remain primitive and are highly visible across the country. This tour will provide an opportunity to engage yourself in Togolese life in a remote village where Voodoo has a profound influence on the daily activities of the natives. The tour includes an overnight stay at this Voodoo village.
2 days