Confirm domestic STAT flights to and from Oecusse on the morning of your flight; sometimes they change times. These flights depart daily except Wednesday.


Dili's roads are fine for cycling, and there are cyclists on the road training before the Tour de Timor. Road conditions away from the north coast call for proper mountain bikes. Hire bikes in Dili at Dili Central Backpackers, or in Balibó at Balibó Fort Hotel.


Ferry transport is available between Dili and Oecusse on the Nakroma ferry and Laju Laju car ferry. Compass Charters run daily water-taxi services to/from Ataúro; the Nakroma services Ataúro on Saturday, and the Laju Laju on Thursday. Dragon Star sends its riverboat over daily, unless the weather is bad (though the boat that was being used at the time of research is designed for river crossings, not sea crossings, and is therefore not recommended).


Mikrolet (small minibuses) operate around Dili and other large towns. Larger buses leave when they are full (both of people and livestock) and serve the main routes from Dili. The Taibessi Bus Terminal is the stop for transport to Maubisse, Same and Suai. Buses from Becora Bus Terminal head to destinations in the east, including Baucau and Lospalos. Tasi Tolu Bus Terminal has buses heading to Ermera and Maliana. More rugged routes are covered by angguna (tray trucks where passengers, including the odd buffalo or goat, all pile into the back). If angguna aren’t covering their usual turf you can be assured the road conditions are exceptionally dire. Trip times are a rough guide only – times depend on how bad the roads are and the whim of the driver when it comes to the frequency and length of stops.

Car & Motorcycle

Vehicle accidents are a serious risk in Timor-Leste. The notoriously bad roads are a minefield of animals and school children, while dips, ditches and entire missing sections of road are common. There are plenty of blind coastal corners with large sections missing from them. Good stretches include Aileu to Maubisse, Dili to Dare (perfect until after you reach Xanana Gusmãu's house) and Balibo to Maliana. The trip to Baucau may return to a two-hour trip once roadworks are completed in late 2018 (it currently takes four hours).

Conventional cars can handle Dili, but a 4WD is recommended elsewhere. We recommend a 4WD and driver for trips to the districts; try EDS; US$130 per day. There's usually compulsory insurance (US$15 per day) on top of the price. You can rent motorbikes from Hostel daTerra or Dili Central Backpackers; US$35 per day.

Drivers must carry registration papers and their license – police checkpoints are common. The International Drivers Permit is not technically valid in Timor-Leste; if you're staying for a while, it's worth getting a local driving licence.



A foreigner recently spent months in jail after hitching a lift in Timor-Leste in a car that was subsequently involved in a crime. Hitching is never entirely safe, and we don’t recommend it. Travellers who hitch should understand that they are taking a small but potentially serious risk.


There are no trains in Timor-Leste.