Travel with Children

Travelling with children is a big adventure in Timor-Leste (as if it's not adventurous enough!). Dili's roads are fine for pushchairs, but roads in regional areas are rougher. Supplies (nappies, formula etc) are good in Dili but you'll need to take your own supplies if you're travelling with children to the districts. Despite there being loads of kids in Timor-Leste, yours will no doubt be a focus of attention for locals wherever you go.

Kids are welcomed with play equipment at Beloi Beach Hotel on Ataúro, and Lauhata Beach Escape in Liquiçá. In Dili, stay where there are swimming pools: Dive Timor Lorosae and Esplanada are two good choices (and both have onsite restaurants), though there are no pool fences.

In Dili, Chega! and the Resistance Museum are probably too full-on for kids, but they'll love a trip in a mikrolet (small minibus), and a before-dark walk up the steps to the Jesus statue at Cristo Rei (with a fresh coconut water at Caz Bar afterwards).

Older kids might appreciate learning how to cook in bamboo at Hotel Comunitaria Wailakurini, but you'll need to hold their hands up the steps to see the Guerilla Hideout at Wasa-Diga.

There's a special cooler-temperature kids' pool at the Be Manis hot springs at Marobo. The bat caves (and pizza dinner) near Balibo Fort Hotel will also delight.

Younger kids might enjoy shell hunting and playing in the sand at Adara, on Ataúro. The boat ride to get there is long, but pretty.

Souvenir-wise, kids seem to love the carved wooden crocodiles from Empreza Di'ak at Ataúro. (They might be able to spot the real thing on the road from Dili to Baucau/Lautem – but if they don't, the traffic-blocking buffalo crossing the road make a cool enough sight.)