Dangers & Annoyances

• Foreigners have been imprisoned for carrying small amounts of drugs or being in vehicles with others carrying drugs, so be aware of what is legal in Timor-Leste as well as who you're travelling with, what they're carrying or may be involved with. Laws can change quickly; recently Codeine was banned and pharmacists supplying or storing the drug were jailed.

• There are frequent reports of foreign women being sexually assaulted in Dili - this often happens during the day and in public areas so travel with others if possible.

• You can be jailed for up to 72 hours for not wearing a helmet on motorbike. Carry registration papers and your license with you while driving.

• Dengue fever is rife – avoid being bitten by mosquitoes by covering up as much as possible.

• Crocodiles occasionally swim in the ocean near river mouths.