Top things to do in Dili

Top Choice Museum in Dili

Chega! Exhibition

Set in the buildings and cells of a Portuguese-era prison where resistance figures were interned by the Indonesian military, Chega! (chega means 'stop' or 'no more' in Portuguese) houses the results of the Commissio…
Top Choice Cafe in Dili

Agora Food Studio

House-made yoghurt breakfast bowls, kombucha (fermented tea) and barista-made coffee set this cafe, upstairs in the LELI English school, apart. Staff transform local staples like fresh ginger, turmeric and sweet pot…
Top Choice Museum in Dili

Resistance Museum

An excellent museum, established in 2005, which commemorates Timor-Leste's 24-year struggle against the Indonesian occupation. Falintil’s resistance is brought to life with a timeline, photos, video recordings and e…
Cycling in Dili

Tour de Timor

Adventure cyclists from around the world bring their own bikes to test them on the tough and challenging conditions of Timor-Leste's roads in this five-day, 500km cycling adventure. It began in 2009 as part of the '…
Arts & Crafts in Dili

Boneca de Ataúro

This small outlet sells well-designed, modern and handmade laptop bags, Christmas tree decorations, tea towels and soft toys. The work is done by formerly disadvantaged women on Ataúro – you can see them in action o…
Area in Dili


This new shopping area is home to some of Dili's best cafes and shops, as well as a Portuguese supermarket with a great, cheap deli and plenty of Portuguese products.
Cemetery in Dili

Santa Cruz Cemetery

On 12 November 1991 Indonesian soldiers fired on a peaceful memorial procession for Sebastião Gomes from Motael Church to Santa Cruz Cemetery; Gomes was an independence supporter who was shot by Indonesian police. M…
Area in Dili

Dili Waterfront

Watch kids kicking soccer balls around on the patches of sandy beach, and runners sweating it out while you're strolling the decent walking path that runs along the waterfront. The grand Palácio do Governo (Governme…
Monument in Dili

Santa Cruz Massacre Memorial Monument

It lacks an inscription or an official name, but the monument's location opposite Motael Church offers a clue: independence supporter Sebastião Gomes was shot by Indonesian forces near here on 28 October 1991. Built…
Church in Dili

Motael Church

This church, the oldest Catholic church in Timor-Leste, was one of the most important places in the story of the fight for Timorese independence. Sebastião Gomes was shot dead here in 1991 by the Indonesian military…