Getting Around

Note that vehicle accidents are a serious risk to safety in Timor-Leste.

Mikrolet (small minibuses) are like moving stereos: they buzz about loudly on designated routes during daylight hours, stopping frequently over short distances.

Cars are useful for night travel in Dili, though drivers must carry car registration papers and their drivers license at all times. Otherwise, walking, cycling and using taxis should suffice. The addition of the metered Blue Taxi to Dili's streets means you can book ahead and have an element of safety. Avoid the decrepit yellow (unmetered) taxis; if you must take one, negotiate a price before you get in – most trips cost US$2. If you find a good driver, ask for their mobile number and see if they'll be your regular driver. Streets are usually taxi-free by 9pm.

Both motorbike and scooter riders and passengers are required by law to wear helmets.