Medical in Dili

Australian Embassy Clinic

You have to be Australian to see the doctor at this fee-per-service clinic. Currently situated in the Australian Residential Compound, its location will be changing in late 2017 – check the embassy's website for the…
Consulate in Dili

British Honorary Consul

Tracey Morgan is an expat-in-the-know and the British Honorary Consul. Emergency consular services are provided by the New Zealand Embassy.
Medical in Dili

Stamford Medical Clinic

This spotless, Western clinic also opens after hours for emergencies. You'll pay US$55 for a consultation, but it's probably the best medical care around.
Medical in Dili

Clínica Portuguesa

Qualified GPs and nurses speak Portuguese and limited English at this new clinic (US$40 per consultation). There is also a dentist.
Bank in Dili


ANZ has eight ATMs in Dili dispensing US dollars, but note that not all ATMs have cash at all times.
Post in Dili


Send and receive parcels here. Can take a while - reports of over three weeks are common.
Medical in Dili

Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares

Dili's main public hospital, though it's best to take someone with you for support.
Bank in Dili

Western Union

Also has a branch at Páteo.
Pharmacy in Dili

Farmacia Comoro

Sells medication and medical devices sourced from Portugal.
Embassy in Dili

Australian Embassy

Also assists Canadian citizens.