US dollars (US$). Anything under US$2 can be paid in centavos (cv).

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $US50

  • Dorm bed US$14–20
  • Local restaurant meal US$3
  • Short taxi trip US$2
  • Bus trip to the districts US$6
  • Snorkel trip off Ataùro US$10

Midrange: US$50-150

  • Double room in budget hotel US$30–45
  • Tourist restaurant meal US$12
  • Single dive US$45–60
  • 4WD and driver US$130 per day

Top end: More than US$150

  • Double room in hotel US$85
  • 4WD and driver with guide skills US$245 per day


Bargain with Dili's yellow taxi drivers before you start your journey. If you don't like bargaining, catch a metered blue taxi instead. There is a malae (foreigner) price for goods at roadside stalls – bargain for the local price.


ANZ has eight ATMs in Dili, including one at the airport. ATMs dispense US dollars.

Western Union in Colmera and Páteo; transfers funds internationally.