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The Australian flag the journalists painted for protection is still visible (just) on Balibó Flag House, which now houses a memorial, cafe and community facilities. Here, you can watch Greg Shackleton's final, chilling broadcast. The Australian film Balibo (2009) was based on these tragic, and still unresolved, murders.

A restored 18th-century Portuguese fort stands on the hill opposite, housing a small gallery and the excellent Balibó Fort Hotel, which opened in 2015.

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$1033 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-Day Small-Group Balibo Loop Tour from Dili

The island of Timor has a long proud turbulent history and a rich culture built over many thousands of years. It has been referred to by some as the “cultural funnel of the East”, for the many different ethnic influences which have contributed to the island’s development and past destruction. On this tour your will have the opportunity to visit some of the major Historical sites including Balibo where the 5 international journalists were murdered in 1975, Liquica Church site-Massacre 1999. Whilst enjoying Timor’s spectacular country side featuring waterfalls, hot springs, mountains laden with tree’s and rugged coastline.Set out to Asabe high up in the foothills of Mount Ramelau visiting Tasi Tolu (3 coloured lakes) and the site of the 2002 declaration of Independence of this new nation. Climbing up into the heart of the coffee country visiting a working coffee factory (Seasonal), and exploring the village of Atsabe.Starting the morning off with a with a Timorese breakfast featuring our famous organic Timor Coffee, enjoy a 2km hike to Mota Bandara Waterfall where we can take a refreshing dip in the shallows before making our way south along a road that winds into mountains along a windswept ridge, where on a clear day you can see the South Coast in one direction and Ramelau in the other, coming to the stone ruins of a Portuguese resort where we take a short walk to the Marobo hot springs where the local children will be happy to slather you with sulfuric mud for just $1.We spend the night in Timor Leste’s third-largest city of Maliana which has the air of a dusty wild west town, surrounded by interesting landscapes in our hotel set in the rice paddies.Travelling today about 1 hour to the town of Balibo situated approximately 10 kilometres from the Indonesian border, approximately 70% of the town was destroyed during the militia violence that preceded the vote on East Timorese independence in 1999.  Balibo achieved notoriety as the site of the killing of five Australian-based journilists now known as the Balibo Five, by Indonesian forces on October 16, 1975 during an incursion by Indonesia into what was then Portugese Timor. The town is home to a 400-year-old fort, which was the scene of several battles during the Indonesion occupation. The Balibo Five were also filming from the fort when Indonesian forces landed in Balibo on the day they died. The Balibo Declaration, which criticised the declaration of independence and was later used by the Indonesian government as partial justification for its invasion, was said to have been signed here but was actually drafted by Indonesian intelligence and signed in Bali, Indonesia.  Traveling east back towards Dili we spend the night at the Camieo Beach Resort exploring the Portuguese architecture in the area on a walking tour of the town centre and a trip to the Maubara Fort where the women are famous for weaving the palm leaf into vibrant baskets.