Top Choice Museum in Dili

Resistance Museum

This excellent museum commemorates Timor-Leste's 24-year struggle against the Indonesian occupation. The story of Falintil’s resistance is brought to life with a timeline, photos, video recordings and exhibits of th…
Gallery in Dili

Arte Moris

'Quirky' is one way to describe this art space housed in the grounds of Dili’s domed, Indonesian-era museum. Beyond the oddball outdoor sculptures, you'll find a collection of modern works, from woodcarvings to pain…
Lighthouse in Dili

Farol Lighthouse

The Farol Lighthouse beams northwest of Dili's seaport. It's not possible to go inside, but it makes for a nice photo stop.
Museum in Dili

Xanana Cultural Centre

This complex houses Xanana Gusmão memorabilia, a photography exhibition, and the closest thing you'll find to a tourist info centre in Timor-Leste in its main, colonial-era building, with a library and free internet…
Museum in Dili

Chega! Exhibition

Set in the buildings and cells of a Portuguese-era prison where hundreds of resistance figures were interned by the Indonesian military, the exhibition (chega means 'stop' or 'no more' in Portuguese) gives a glimpse…
Cultural Centre in Lospalos

Lospalos Cultural Centre

The Lospalos Cultural Centre opened its doors in 2014 with a small gallery and cultural presentations available on request. It's in the centre of town next to the old market.
Memorial in Balibó

Balibo Flag House

Commemorating the five Australian-based journalists who were killed by Indonesian Special Forces on 16 October 1975 while reporting on Indonesian's invasion of East Timor, this house in Balibo, where they stayed, al…
Landmark in Dili

Palácio do Governo

The grand, white Palácio do Governo (Government House) dominates the centre of town.
Cemetery in Dili

Santa Cruz Cemetery

On 12 November 1991, Indonesian soldiers fired on a peaceful memorial procession to this cemetery. Exact figures aren’t known, but it’s estimated that more than 250 civilians (mostly students) died, many of them aft…
Area in Dili


From children kicking around half-deflated soccer balls to boatmen reading the weather conditions opposite the grand Palácio do Governo (Government House), Dili's waterfront offers a great glimpse into local life. I…