Top Choice Middle Eastern in Bethlehem


A Bethlehem institution for decades. Top-notch hummus and masabacha (warm hummus with whole chickpeas) are dispensed to locals’ delight, just down the ramp from Manger Sq. For something a little different, go for a …
Israeli in Bethlehem

Abu Shanab

Succulent lamb chops and traditionally butchered shish kebab are said to turn vegetarians around, but there's plenty of meatless mezze. The kofta (mincemeat and spices grilled on a skewer) is not overly seasoned (no…
Mexican in Bethlehem

La Terrasse

Beauty and politics merge in the panoramic view from La Terrasse of Bethlehem and the Jewish settlement of Har Homa. Find a stepped-up Mediterranean-Mexican menu, comfy-chic ambience, a variety of wines and an inter…
Middle Eastern in Bethlehem


Get to the sweet, old city of Beit Jala and ask for barbeque. Everyone knows Qaabar for the charcoal-grilled chicken and its fabulous aïoli - a habit-forming garlic mayonnaise (eggless). Use your fingers.
Middle Eastern in Bethlehem


A swish lounge-style place right in the heart of Bethlehem, this makes a great respite from a long walking tour around the city. Sip a cappuccino or order a light lunch (salads and pastas) in the basement dining roo…
Sandwiches in Bethlehem

Peace Center Restaurant

This spacious, central spot is great for a light snack or something more refined such as Mediterranean salmon or shish tawooq (chicken skewers). The restaurant has daily specials, including traditional Palestinian d…
International in Bethlehem

Dar al-Balad

This atmospheric restaurant with arched ceilings and stone walls serves tasty grilled dishes, salads and pastas. It’s located down a narrow alley, a pleasant find in Beit Sahour’s restored old town, 1.2km east of Ma…
Fusion in Bethlehem

Abu Eli

Stuffed pigeon, anyone? One of the star establishments for Middle Eastern salads and grilled meat, Abu Eli now relies on deals with tour operators due to being shunted off by the wall.
Desserts in Bethlehem


Covered cloisters in this exquisitely restored mansion are worth a stop, even for the special lemonade or a glass of beer. No baklava here. Apple pie, yes.
Chinese in Bethlehem


This ancient gem of a schoolhouse is host to Westerners and natives with an appetite for both Palestinian and, surprisingly good, Chinese cooking. Fabulous out on the patio or inside with an olive-wood scale model o…