LGBT Travellers

The Pacific Northwest is generally a very gay-friendly place. As elsewhere, gay life is most tolerated in urban centers while attitudes tend to be less accepting in the hinterlands. In the major cities of Seattle, Vancouver and Portland, and even some smaller towns, such as Eugene and Victoria, travelers will find everything from gay religious congregations to gay hiking clubs, while in the rural areas they may want to keep their orientation to themselves.

The Capitol Hill neighborhood is the center of gay life in Seattle. In Vancouver, the West End is gay-centric, while Commercial Dr is more lesbian-oriented. Queer-integrated Portland has no specific gay neighborhood (Sam Adams, Portland's mayor from 2008 to 2012, was the first openly gay mayor of a large US city).

  • Seattle Gay News ( A weekly newspaper focusing on gay issues.
  • Proud Queer ( Online news serving Portland's gay community.
  • Vancouver Pride Society ( Check out the events link.
  • Tourism Vancouver ( Resources for gay-friendly Vancouver.