Zwolle attractions

Top Choice Church in Zwolle

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Basiliek

People from Zwolle say they know they're home when they see the iconic Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren (also known as the Peperbus, or Peppermill), a huge basilica built between 1394 and 1452 to dominate the skyline. From at…
Top Choice Museum in Zwolle

Museum De Fundatie

Housed in a neoclassical courthouse by the canal, Zwolle's acclaimed art museum stages large-scale temporary exhibits by contemporary figures. The small permanent exhibit traces the trajectory of modern art through …
Historic Building in Zwolle


The 15th-century Sassenpoort, built in 1409 at the southern end of Sassenstraat, is one of the remaining town gates and must surely be one of the country's fanciest, with its twinset of crenellated towers topped wit…
Historic Building in Zwolle

Town Hall

Zwolle's Town Hall consists of the stately old council chamber and adjacent new wing, in front of which stands a statue of Adam (1881) by French sculptor Auguste Rodin. At its foot is a telephone number – actually a…
Church in Zwolle

Grote Kerk

This monumental Gothic church (1370–1452) is grand, but was much grander before lightning knocked down the tower – the highest in the Netherlands – in 1682.