Top Choice Historic Site in Middelburg


Dating from the 12th century, this huge abbey complex houses the regional government as well as two churches: the Koorkerk (built for the clergy) and Nieuwe Kerk (for parishioners). These were largely rebuilt in the…
Historic Building in Middelburg


Dominating the Markt, the town hall certainly grabs the eye. It's ornately beautiful, and displays a pastiche of styles: the Gothic side facing the Markt is from the mid-1400s; the more classical portion on Lange No…
Village in Schouwen-Duiveland


The largest village in Schouwen-Duiveland, Zierikzee was settled in the Middle Ages and retains a number of buildings dating from this time, including De Dikke Toren – the tower of the former Sint Lievensmonstertore…
Amusement Park in Zeeland

Deltapark Neeltje Jans

On the islet of Neeltje Jans, midway between Noord Beveland and Schouwen-Duiveland on the N57, the Delta Project's former visitor centre has morphed into a theme park. Attractions include a 3D film about the devasta…
National Park in Zeeland

National Park Oosterschelde

Open to the North Sea, this coastal nature reserve is a haven for plant, bird and marine life. Thousands of birds, including gulls, terns and plovers, can be spotted on its sands, mud flats, salt marshes, dunes, wet…
Museum in Middelburg

Zeeuws Museum

Housed in the former monks’ dormitories of the abbey complex, this museum is divided into three permanent sections: one concentrating on fashion; another on the history, culture and landscape of Zeeland; and the thi…
Square in Middelburg


On Thursdays, this huge square in the centre of town hosts a popular market where stalls sell food and household products. Its proximity to the Stadhuis, de Drvkkery bookstore and many cafes and bars makes it popula…
Church in Middelburg

Nieuwe Kerk

Part of the original 13th-century Abdij but largely rebuilt in the 16th century after a fire extensively damaged the complex, this double-naved church is dedicated to St Nicholas, the patron saint of merchants and c…
Church in Middelburg


Dating from the 1300s but largely rebuilt in the 16th-century after a fire devastated the Abdij complex, the vaulted Koorkerk (Choir Church) operated as a house of worship for the monks of the abbey.
Square in Middelburg


The area around the elongated Damplein (east of the Abdij) preserves many 18th-century houses, some of which have been turned into interesting shops, hotels and restaurants.