Boating is by far the most fun way of navigating the park's waterways. Giethoorn is the main spot for boat rental in the national park, with kayaks and canoes, rowing boats, traditional punt and blissfully silent electric boats matching every taste and energy level. Eco Waterliner allows you to combine a cruise with a bike ride.


Several peaceful cycling trails criss-cross the national park, the silence only broken by the calls, clucks, coos and splashes of birds, fish, frogs, otters, beavers and eels. Rent wheels at De Gele Lis in Ossenzijl, then follow the LF22a south to Blokzijl for a wonderfully serene journey along the Kalenberg River, traversing numerous wooden bridges over side canals en route.


Giethoorn tourist office has mountains of information on hiking trails in the national park, including the signature Kiersche Wijde trail (9km) which starts in Lozedijk, 10km southeast of Gierthoorn, and passes by several trekgarten (ponds in peat holes), marsh forest and a historic kiersche wijdekooi (duck coop).