Top things to do in Utrecht Province

Top Choice Historic Building in Utrecht


Years ahead of its time, this small but uniquely conceived house was built in 1924 by celebrated Utrecht designer Gerrit Rietveld. He'd be amazed to find that it's now a Unesco-recognised monument. Visiting feels li…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Utrecht

Dom Under

Talented volunteer guides and fascinating educational films with CGI effects set the historical scene. Then it's your turn to become an amateur archaeologist as you're let loose in the subterranean half-dark beneath…
Top Choice Photography in Utrecht


Whichever side of the lens you prefer to be, if you love pre-digital, black-and-white photography, this specialist shop-gallery will probably be your highlight in Utrecht.
Top Choice Indonesian in Utrecht


Blauw is the place for perfectly cooked Indonesian food; indeed it's hard to imagine better, even in Jakarta. Perfectly blended flavours, right down to the amuse-bouche of home-made sambal, leave diners swooning wit…
Top Choice Museum in Amersfoort


This small but absorbing museum honours the life and work of the famous De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) in the house where he was born.
Top Choice European in Utrecht


This adorable 'petit restaurant' presents expectant diners with a list of cryptic clues to a dinner that's brimming with imaginative flavours and is eminently seasonal. Expect 100% locally sourced fare including for…
Top Choice Museum in Utrecht

Museum Catharijneconvent

Museum Catharijneconvent has the finest collection of medieval religious art in the Netherlands – virtually the history of Christianity, in fact – housed in a Gothic former convent and an 18th-century canal-side hou…
Top Choice Alcohol in Utrecht

De Bierverteller

Obliging, knowledgeable staff can help you make sense of over 700 varieties of beer, arranged by flavour rather than provenance.
Top Choice Brown Cafe in Utrecht


Located unpromisingly beside the ugly Hoog Catharijne building is this blessed beer heaven, an astonishingly slick yet super-characterful reworking of a large former church, complete with organ.
Top Choice Bar in Utrecht

Kafé België

A full-sized Madonna statue seems to be almost fainting with passion in welcoming beer-lovers into paradise. The merrily rough-edged bar's 20 Benelux brews on tap supplement uncountable scores of other brews by the …