Top Choice Park in Texel

Texel Dunes National Park

The patchwork of dune-scape running along the western coast of the island is a prime reason for visiting Texel. Salt fens and heath alternate with velvety, grass-covered dunes; plants endemic to the habitat include …
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Texel


Initially created as a refuge for sick seals retrieved from the Waddenzee, Ecomare has expanded into an impressive nature centre devoted to the preservation and understanding of Texel's wildlife. It has displays on …
Top Choice Museum in Texel

Kaap Skil Museum Van Jutters & Zeelui

A stunning new slatted-timber-encased reception building made from recycled materials frames the superb Maritime and Beachcombers Museum. Its extraordinary variety of flotsam and jetsam recovered from sunken ships a…
Brewery in Texel

Texelse Bierbrouwerij

See how beer is made at the island's brewery, housed in a former dairy, on an informative 45-minute guided tour (in English and Dutch). Tour prices include four tastings; you can drop in for a drink on the terrace o…
Farm in Texel

Kaasboerderijk Wezenspyk

This small dairy between Den Hoorn and Den Burg is a terrific place to taste and buy rounds produced from the local cows, sheep and goats. A glass viewing window lets you see the cheese being churned. You can just p…
Winery in Texel

De Kroon van Texel

Wineries across the Netherlands are few, so it's especially worth dropping in to De Kroon, a small but international medal-winning estate. One-hour tours take you through the vines and end with three tastings, or yo…
Gardens in Texel

Eureka Orchideeën & Vogelbush

June is the time to see wild orchids on Texel, a rarity in the country. Otherwise, head for the steamy Eureka Orchideeën & Vogelbush to view native orchid species along with a menagerie of tropical birds in a la…
Lighthouse in Texel


Battered by storms and war, Texel's resilient crimson-coloured lighthouse stands 35m high. Climb its 153 steps for sweeping views across the islands and shallow waters.
Sculpture in Texel

Ontstaan Uit Iepen van de Molenlaan

Opposite De Cocksdorp's supermarket, by the car park, you'll spot Ontstaan Uit Iepen van de Molenlaan (Arise From the Mill; 2010) by Meijert Boon, a three-storey-high timber sculpture in the shape of a traditional w…