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Texel Bike Experience

By public transportation, train, bus and ferry, we go to the island of Texel. We take a bike and start at the WaddenSea (biking over a dike), biking through the meadowlands full of the famous Texeler sheep, to the NorthSea.In Oudeschild, an old fishing town we have a lunch. This town was important in the time of the VOC. Than we peddle through the meadowland. In the spring it will be full of lamb. They call the sheep in the Netherlands the Texelaar. From biking below sealevel we go over the dunes and see the NorthSea. After a drink and maybe a swim, it is time to go back to the ferry. Public transport (ferry, bus, train) bring us back to Amsterdam. It is a full day tour. We start 08:15, be back at 20:00 if all the Public Transportations are in timeThe price is 135 euro p.p. including public transport,(train, bus, ferry) guide, lunch, 1 drink at the beach
12 hours