Southeastern Netherlands attractions

Top Choice Church in Maastricht

St Servaasbasiliek

Built above and around the shrine of St Servaas (Servatius), the first bishop of Maastricht, the basilica presents an architectural pastiche whose earliest sections date from 1000AD. Its beautiful curved brick apse …
Top Choice Village in Noord Brabant


Ringed by grassy medieval rampart-banks, the charming citadel-village of Woudrichem became famed as the set for popular TV drama Dokter Tinus. Its small harbour is filled with old-world fishing boats, the relatively…
Top Choice Church in Den Bosch

St Janskathedraal

One of the finest churches in the Netherlands, this cathedral took from 1336 to 1550 to complete. The interior has late-Gothic stained-glass windows, an organ case from the 17th century and a much-revered statue of …
Top Choice Amusement Park in Noord Brabant


Is Efteling Europe's greatest theme park? The Dutch certainly think so. Their 'Disneyland' pulls in more than four million visitors annually and offers a great selection of enchanting fairy-tale themed entertainment…
Top Choice Museum in Eindhoven

Philips Museum

From Keith Richards' tape-recorder to a wide-screen projector that once won an Oscar, this engaging museum tells the extraordinary story of the light-bulb maker turned multinational electronics company who invented …
Top Choice Village in Noord Brabant


Picture-postcard little Heusden features antique tile-roofed houses, post-mills, minibridge and lovely inner yacht-harbour all wrapped in a fortified river-moat still retaining triangular ravelins (island-bastions).
Top Choice Museum in Den Bosch

Jheronimus Bosch Art Center

Housed in the grand, century-old St Jacob's Church, this remarkable museum has reproductions of all 29 known Bosch paintings, brought to life by an explanatory free booklet. Atmosphere is added by dangling 3D sculpt…
Top Choice Church in Maastricht

Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek

Dominating an intimate cafe-filled square, this millennium-old basilica-church is a fabulous example of Mosan architecture, made 'extra authentic' through 1886–1916 restorations led by Pierre Cuypens (of Rijksmuseum…
Top Choice Church in Breda

Grote Kerk

Finished in 1509, the ornate tower-spire of this soaring Gothic church is one of the Netherlands' most beautiful. At 97m it still forms the iconic focus of old Breda and can be climbed on Saturdays (plus summer Thur…
Top Choice Viewpoint in Breda

Hoge Brug Viewpoint

Breda's most photo-perfect view is canal side from beside Hoge Brug.