Top Choice Seafood in Delft

Brasserie 't Crabbetje

Seafood is given the gourmet treatment at this cool, sophisticated restaurant, from scallops with leek and lobster reduction to skate wing with hazelnut crumb and beurre noisette (warm butter sauce), salmon carpacci…
Seafood in The Hague


Out at Scheveningen, this industrial-chic harbourside brasserie serves the best fish by the sea. The bold crustacean art on the walls is matched by the intense flavours on the plate. Order a day ahead for its two-pe…
Seafood in Leiden

Vishandel Atlantic

Two Turkish brothers opened this fish stand in 1989 and their attention to quality has propelled them to the Netherlands' top ranks of seafood vendors. Their raw herring rates 10 out of 10 in contests where 5.5 is c…
Seafood in The Hague

Les Ombrelles

At a confluence of canals in one of the city's most charming districts, this long-running favourite sets up tables across the shady square. The tank with live crabs reaffirms that this is seafood country and the men…
Seafood in Dordrecht

De Stroper

Gaze out on the canal or, in summer, dine on a floating platform at this superb fish restaurant. The menus (no à la carte) change daily; the six-course option at dinner is a culinary tour de force.
Seafood in Delft

De Visbanken

Fish has been sold on this spot since 1342. Display cases in the old open-air pavilion entice with fresh, marinated, smoked and fried fishy treats.
Seafood in The Hague

It Rains Fishes

This multi-award-winning seafood place is renowned for its grilled, fried and poached fish, mussels and scallops. The menu reflects what's fresh.