The Dutch phone network, KPN (, is efficient. Prices are reasonable by European standards.

Collect Call (0800 01 01 for international, 0800 04 10 for domestic) Both numbers are free.

Phone Codes

To ring abroad, dial 00 followed by the country code for your target country, the area code (you usually drop the leading 0 if there is one) and the subscriber number.

Netherlands country code 31

Free calls 0800

Mobile numbers 06

Paid information calls 0900; cost varies between €0.10 and €1.30 per minute.

Drop the leading 0 on city codes if you’re calling from outside the Netherlands (eg 20 for Amsterdam instead of 020). From a landline, don't dial the city code if you are in the area covered by it.

Mobile Phones

Local SIM cards can be used in European and Australian phones. Most American smartphones will work.

More Information

  • The Netherlands uses GSM phones compatible with the rest of Europe and Australia but not with some North American GSM phones. The EU has abolished international roaming costs, but beware of high roaming charges from other countries.
  • Alternatively, local prepaid SIM cards are widely available and can be used in most unlocked phones. Look for Phone House, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone shops in major shopping areas.