Accessible Travel

Travellers with restricted mobility will find the Netherlands somewhat accessible despite the limitations of most older buildings. Download Lonely Planet's free Accessible Travel guides from

  • Most offices and larger museums have lifts and/or ramps, and accessible toilets.
  • Many budget and midrange hotels have limited accessibility, as they are in old buildings with steep stairs and no elevators.
  • Cobblestone streets are rough for wheelchairs.
  • Restaurants tend to be on ground floors, though ‘ground’ sometimes includes a few steps.
  • Bathrooms in restaurants may not be wheelchair accessible or fitted with rails.
  • All train and metro stations in the city have wheelchair ramps, lifts and escalators.
  • Most train stations and public buildings have accessible toilets.
  • Buses have low boarding platforms for easy access.
  • Some bus and tram stops have level-floor boarding.
  • The Dutch national organisation for people with a disability is ANGO (033-465 43 43;