Ethiopian in Oosterpark & East of the Amstel

Eetcafe Ibis

Bright with African art and brilliant-hued textiles, Ibis is a cosy and delightful spot to get your hands on (literally, using the spongy Ethiopian injera bread) herb-laced vegetable stews and spicy lamb and beef di…
Ethiopian in Jordaan & the West


Owner Yohannes gives his customers a warm welcome (as do the heavenly aromas wafting from the kitchen) and is passionate about the quality of his injera (slightly sour, spongy pancakes), used to scoop up richly spic…
Ethiopian in Vondelpark & the South


Named after the ancient African city, this small and colourful restaurant feels like you're somewhere else. It was the Netherlands' first Ethiopian restaurant and it's still a cracker. Sip Ethiopian beer from a half…