Dutch in Breda

Den Boerenstamppot

Proprietors Fred and Marloes Weerd take you back to a simpler time before the term 'low-fat' had entered the lexicon. A giant pot of endive stamppot (stew) is the basis for most meals here, served in abundance with …
Bistro in Den Bosch


Amidst the scads of lively terraces along Korte Putstraat, this cosy bistro with echoes of Brittany stands out for the skills of its chefs whose performances are on view. Sample-sized portions range from grilled tou…
French in Breda

Dames Pellens

Named after a pair of inseparable sisters who once haunted Breda's cafe society, this cosy bistro is primarily a place to savor fine wines (50 in the rack), and the kitchen does a few wine-based dishes too. Be sure …
Bakery in Den Bosch

Jan de Groot

Try the local speciality, a calorie-fest known as the Bossche bol (Den Bosch ball). It's a chocolate-coated cake the size of a softball, filled with sweetened cream. The crowds know this is the place to get them!
Cafe in Den Bosch

Koffiehuis Voltaire

Take a table out front or amid the thrift-store grab bag within for some fab vegan fare. The affable owner cooks up a mean grilled sandwich of organic cheese, pesto, arugula, avocado and more. Great fruit shakes.
Dutch in Den Bosch


Fun and funky, 'This' does comfort food with a global twist. The sun-drenched terrace makes a good hangover recovery spot for a beloved uitsmijter (three fried eggs) with myriad add-ons.
Cafe in Den Bosch

In de Keulse Kar

Sit outside and enjoy views of the radiant cathedral at this locally popular corner cafe serving unpretentious pub fare; look out for nightly specials.