Carnival in Bergen op Zoom


One of the nation's most joyous carnivals, Krabbegat's three days of festivities feature a wide range of characters, most memorably De Peperbus – the bell tower of Sint-Gertrudiskerk anthropomorphically 'dressed up'…
Music in Breda

Breda Jazz Festival

For four days starting from Ascension Day, the Netherlands' best-established jazz-fest fills well over a dozen outdoor public spaces with over 100 free performances, plus there are many other payable but bargain-val…
Cultural in Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week

This massive global design event attracts over 300,000 visitors to Eindhoven for nine days in October.
Carnival in Den Bosch

Oeteldonk Carnaval

Den Bosch dresses in red, white and yellow and is 'renamed' Oeteldonk during carnival, which features big parades on the three days before Shrove Tuesday. The biggest is on Monday but things kick off on Sunday with …
Carnival in Tilburg

Kruikenstad Carnival

Parties and processions engulf the city for the three days before Ash Wednesday. During the carnival period, Tilburg renames itself the Kruikenstad 'city of jugs', a teasing nickname based on the possibly apocryphal…
Music in Den Bosch

Jazz in Duketown

Duketown, a sly riff on the city's official title, turns its many bars and cafes into venues for jazz combos, especially those of the Dixieland variety, during this four-day bash held around the Whitsun weekend.
Music in Bergen op Zoom


Bergen's jazz fest has been a cultural mainstay since 1975.
Fair in Tilburg

Tilburgse Kermis

The biggest street fair in Benelux. This 10-day party is more remarkable for its size than its imagination but it's a great insight into the old-school pleasures of fair rides, beer, bad music, sugary treats and sta…