Noord Brabant entertainment

Soccer in Eindhoven

PSV Eindhoven

Long topping the Dutch football scene, this club's famous initials PSV stand for Philips Sport Vereniging: yes THAT Philips again. There's a fan museum but for stadium tours and match packages, options are limited a…
Concert Venue in Eindhoven


Named for its numberless Philipspilih clock, the starkly unbeautified Klokgebouw is the entertainment nerve-centre of Strijp-S (, Eindhoven's main post-industrial regeneration zone, 2km northwest of …
Arts Centre in Breda

Chassé Theater

Do peep inside this huge complex that colourfully houses one of the Netherlands' biggest theatres (plus cinema and hip cafe space) in a sweep of 21st-century architectural daring, abutting a large casino in a 19th-c…