Walk or cycle along the Waalbrug – the main bridge across the Waal, Europe's busiest waterway – for breath-stealing sunset views of the old town, water and boats below.


The 16km-long N70-walk, starting at the outskirts of Nijmegen (take the St Maartenskliniek bus to its penultimate stop at restaurant Tante Koosje), counts as one of the best of the Netherlands. The signposted path takes you across eight hills (up to a staggering 90m) and along beautiful viewpoints over the Rhine plains and tiny Dutch and German villages, through wooded valleys with mighty chestnut trees and enclosed meadows. You pass the remains of Roman occupation and a medieval stronghold before reaching the eastern end of the circuit, where you could cross the German border, indicated by age-old posts of natural stone. Bring good walking shoes as the undulating path, especially after rains, may be a bit slippery.

Ooijpolder Cycling Route

The Ooijpolder route is a classic cycling excursion east along the protected southern banks of the Waal, looping back through bucolic pasturelands. Toward knooppunt 49 a dyke winds above the river, which turns swampy with lily pads, ducks and wooded islands. Big freight barges ply this section of the river. To the right are pastures, studded with purple, yellow and white wildflowers.