Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Maastricht


Maastricht's star museum, in the Ceramique district east of the Maas, is easily recognisable by its rocket-shaped tower. Designed by the Italian Aldo Rossi, the distinctive E-shaped structure displays early European…
Top Choice Church in Maastricht

Sint Servaasbasiliek

Built around the shrine of St Servatius, the first bishop of Maastricht, the basilica presents an architectural pastiche dating from 1000. Its beautiful curved brick apse and towers dominate the Vrijthof. The Treasu…
Top Choice Bakery in Maastricht


A working 7th-century water wheel powers a vintage flour mill that supplies its adjoining bakery. Spelt loaves and vlaai (seasonal fruit pies) come direct from the ovens out back. You can dine on-site at the cafe, a…
Top Choice Brown Cafe in Maastricht

Take One

This narrow, eccentric 1930s tavern has well over 100 beers from the most obscure parts of the Benelux. It's run by a husband-and-wife team who help you select the beer most appropriate to your taste. The Bink Blond…
Top Choice Art in Maastricht

European Fine Art Fair

The world's largest annual art show is in mid-March. More than 200 exhibitors converge, offering masterpieces to those with a few million euros to spare. The event is open to the public.
Fortress in Maastricht

Fort Sint Pieter

Looming atop a marlstone hill with commanding views of the Maas, the five-sided Fort Sint Pieter formed the city's southern defence and is linked to a network of underground tunnels. It's been fully restored to its …
Architecture in Maastricht

Centre Ceramique

The multifaceted cultural centre, consisting of a library, exhibit space and city archives, is the anchor of the Sphinx Céramique, a residential/office/civic complex standing upon the site of the old ceramics factor…
Fusion in Maastricht

Kantine De Brandweer

An old firehouse transformed into a hip dining hall/activity centre with amply spaced formica tables and a long book-lined counter. The vibe is friendly and casual. Watch the young chefs work their wizardry on an ad…
Museum in Maastricht

Museum Aan Het Vrijthof

Housed in Maastricht's oldest civic structure, the museum highlights the city's legacy as a craft guild centre, with fine examples of antique silver, furniture, porcelain, timepieces and weaponry on display. Its mos…
Dutch in Maastricht

Café Sjiek

Traditional local fare at this cosy spot ranges from zuurvlees (sour stew made with horsemeat) with apple sauce to hearty venison, fresh fish and Rommedoe cheese with pear syrup and rye bread. It doesn't take reserv…