Top Choice Bakery in Maastricht


A working 7th-century water wheel powers a vintage flour mill that supplies its adjoining bakery. Spelt loaves and vlaai (seasonal fruit pies) come direct from the ovens out back. You can dine on-site at the cafe, a…
Fusion in Maastricht

Kantine De Brandweer

An old firehouse transformed into a hip dining hall/activity centre with amply spaced formica tables and a long book-lined counter. The vibe is friendly and casual. Watch the young chefs work their wizardry on an ad…
Dutch in Maastricht

Café Sjiek

Traditional local fare at this cosy spot ranges from zuurvlees (sour stew made with horsemeat) with apple sauce to hearty venison, fresh fish and Rommedoe cheese with pear syrup and rye bread. It doesn't take reserv…
Mediterranean in Maastricht

Marres Kitchen

Adjunct to a gallery for contemporary art, the kitchen here is run by a Syrian who previously resided in Tuscany, and dishes span the Mediterranean spectrum. Facing a lush garden, the small dining hall consists of l…
Dutch in Maastricht

Eetcafé Ceramique

Their passion is food and they've been indulging it for decades. The dedication shows in such local dishes as Maastricht-style rabbit and zuurvlees, with plenty of veggie variations. A fun, relaxed place and the sta…
Indonesian in Maastricht

Gadjah Mas

This small, lovely Indonesian bistro has rijsttafels (arrays of spicy dishes served with rice) that break with the norm. Flavours are bright and there is no skimping on the spice. Good wine list.
Fast Food in Maastricht


Join the queue at this iconic snack bar, which has been serving scrumptious frites under the classic neon sign for decades.