Top Choice Museum in Maastricht


Maastricht's star museum, in the Ceramique district east of the Maas, is easily recognisable by its rocket-shaped tower. Designed by the Italian Aldo Rossi, the distinctive E-shaped structure displays early European…
Top Choice Church in Maastricht

Sint Servaasbasiliek

Built around the shrine of St Servatius, the first bishop of Maastricht, the basilica presents an architectural pastiche dating from 1000. Its beautiful curved brick apse and towers dominate the Vrijthof. The Treasu…
Fortress in Maastricht

Fort Sint Pieter

Looming atop a marlstone hill with commanding views of the Maas, the five-sided Fort Sint Pieter formed the city's southern defence and is linked to a network of underground tunnels. It's been fully restored to its …
Architecture in Maastricht

Centre Ceramique

The multifaceted cultural centre, consisting of a library, exhibit space and city archives, is the anchor of the Sphinx Céramique, a residential/office/civic complex standing upon the site of the old ceramics factor…
Museum in Maastricht

Museum Aan Het Vrijthof

Housed in Maastricht's oldest civic structure, the museum highlights the city's legacy as a craft guild centre, with fine examples of antique silver, furniture, porcelain, timepieces and weaponry on display. Its mos…
Historic Site in Maastricht


At the end of Sint Bernardusstraat, the Helpoort is the oldest surviving town gate in the Netherlands (1229); this area is laced with old walls. The remains of more 13th-century ramparts and fortifications are acros…
Church in Maastricht

Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek

Standing on an intimate cafe-filled square, sections of this church date from before 1000. There is a separate treasury area that houses gaudy jewels and riches. The candle-filled shrine to Mary Star of the Sea near…
Church in Maastricht

Sint Janskerk

This small 17th-century Gothic church is among the most beautiful in the Netherlands. Originally the limestone tower got its reddish hue with a coat of ox blood; it was later restored with ordinary paint. Climb to t…
Square in Maastricht


The Vrijthof is an expansive square surrounded by grand cafes, museums and a pair of magnificent churches. Streets to its south and east form a medieval labyrinth punctuated by interesting shops and any number of pl…
Cave in Maastricht

Maastricht Underground

Maastricht Underground runs spooky, thrilling, amusing and fascinating tours throughout the year on a constantly shifting schedule. The more popular tours are of the North Caves; the entrance is near the fort.