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Top Choice Church in Maastricht

St Servaasbasiliek

Built above and around the shrine of St Servaas (Servatius), the first bishop of Maastricht, the basilica presents an architectural pastiche whose earliest sections date from 1000AD. Its beautiful curved brick apse …
Top Choice Carnival in Maastricht


Everything stops for Carnaval. Since November, Maastricht has been preparing. The orgy of partying and carousing finally begins the Friday before Shrove Tuesday and lasts until the last person collapses sometime on …
Top Choice Belgian in Maastricht


A decade after hitting the New York Times' list of world's trendiest restaurant concepts, Witloof still cuts the mustard with top-quality Belgian traditional food, an astounding beer-cellar (do take a look!) and a t…
Top Choice Cinema in Maastricht

Cinema Lumière

Great for offbeat and classic films but also worth visiting for its former powerhouse setting, tempting waterside bar-terrace and quirky, postindustrial restaurant.
Top Choice Church in Maastricht

Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek

Dominating an intimate cafe-filled square, this millenium-old basilica-church is a fabulous example of Mosan architecture, made 'extra authentic' through 1886–1916 restorations led by Pierre Cuypens (of Rijksmuseum …
Top Choice Brown Cafe in Maastricht

In Den Ouden Vogelstruys

Right on a sunny Vrijthof corner, this classic brown bar features swords, medals and portraits of 1950s' patrons on the dark panelled walls. Seven draft beers include two Trappists (La Trappe Blond and Westmalle Dub…
Top Choice Bakery in Maastricht


A working 7th-century waterwheel powers a vintage flour mill that supplies its adjoining bakery with the spelt that is used to bake its 100% spelt loaves and vlaai (seasonal fruit pies). You can dine on-site at the …
Village in Limburg


If you're driving between Maastricht and Eindhoven, the very pretty historic village of Thorn (pronounced To-ren) makes a delighful short detour. Once the smallest principality of the Holy Roman Empire, it was the d…
Cave in Maastricht

Maastricht Underground

Maastricht Underground runs spooky, amusing and fascinating tours into sections of the vast tunnel network beneath St-Pietersberg massif. Departures run on a constantly shifting schedule with up to five tours daily …
Books in Maastricht

Boekhandel Dominicanen

A cathedral of books – literally. Don't miss the relaxed coffee-house area that takes the place of the altar.