Top Choice Gardens in Leiden

Hortus Botanicus Leiden

The lush Hortus Botanicus is one of Europe's oldest botanical gardens (1590; the oldest was created in Padua, Italy, in 1545), and is home to the Netherlands' oldest descendants of the Dutch tulips. It's a wonderful…
Top Choice Museum in Leiden

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

This museum has a world-class collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian artefacts, the pride of which is the extraordinary Temple of Taffeh, a gift from former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat to the Netherlands for hel…
Top Choice Museum in Leiden

Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde

Cultural achievements by civilisations worldwide are on show at the Museum Volkenkunde. More than 200,000 artefacts span China, South America and Africa. There's a rich Indonesian collection; watch for performances …
Church in Leiden


Crowned by its huge steeple, Pieterskerk is often under restoration – a good thing as it has been prone to collapse since it was built in the 14th century.
Museum in Leiden

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum is a fascinating restoration of a one-room house occupied around 1610 by the soon-to-be Pilgrims. The house itself dates from 1375 (check out the original 14th-century floor tiles)…
Museum in Leiden

Museum Boerhaave

Leiden University was an early centre for Dutch medical research. This museum displays the often-grisly results (five centuries of pickled organs and surgical tools and skeletons) plus you can have a gander at the a…
Museum in Leiden

Naturalis Biodiversity Centre

A stuffed elephant greets you at this large, well-funded collection of all the usual dead critters and, notably, the skullcap of the million-year-old Java Man discovered by Dutch anthropologist Eugène Dubois in 1891…
Museum in Leiden

Museum De Lakenhal

Leiden's foremost museum, the Lakenhal, displaying works by native son Rembrandt among others, has closed its doors between 2016 and 2019 while it undergoes a major renovation and expansion. Check online or with the…
Museum in Leiden

De Valk

Leiden's landmark windmill museum receives loving care, with constant renovation, and many consider it the best example of its kind. Its arms are free to turn 'whenever possible', when wind conditions are right, and…
Park in Leiden

De Burcht

De Burcht, an 11th-century citadel on an artificial hill, lost its protective functions as the city grew around it. It's now a park with lovely places to view the steeples and rooftops, with a cafe at its base.