Top things to do in Kampen

Top Choice Historic Building in Kampen

Nieuwe Toren

This landmark tower, built purely as a show of wealth in the 17th century, stands tall (albeit it with an incredible lean) on main street Oudestraat. Its carillon (1659–62), originally strung with 30 bells but now c…
Cafe in Kampen

Banketbakkerij Smit

Irresistible house specialities at this old-world cafe and tea room include Kamper slof (a rich, walnut and caramel biscuit-cake), vulkoek (almond paste enrobed in a spicy cinnamon and nutmeg biscuit) and the lurid …
Ship in Kampen

Kamper Kogge

Nicknamed the Black Lady of Kampen, the Kampe Kogge is an impressive reconstruction (using medieval materials and techniques) of a 14th-century cog – a ship used to transport salt, wood, grain, herrings, wine, amber…
Dutch in Kampen

De Stadsherberg

Head to this riverfront mansion for traditional Dutch and European cuisine served in an old-world setting. Views of the swirling Ijssel and holden-wheel bridge from the generous sweep of bay windows are impressive. …
Food in Kampen

Banketbakkerij Smit

Cinnamon-spiced cookies, gooey bite-sized cakes and a Real McCoy cow manger full to the brim with traditional vulkoek (round spicy biscuits filled with almond paste) are among the many reasons to join the queue at K…
Dutch in Kampen

Restaurant de Bottermarck

With an enchanting terrace overlooking quaint Bottermarkt, top-end dining here is a summertime highlight. Cuisine is bistro style with a French accent, and bursts with local seasonal produce, often organic: think sp…
Steak in Kampen

Herberg De Bonte Os

A down-to-earth eatery for meat and potato aficionados, The Brown Steak Café – complete with life-sized calf guarding the peaceful pavement terrace out front – cooks up just that. The rump, tenderloin, sirloin, T-bo…
Brown Cafe in Kampen

De Stomme van Campen

Knowledgeable tenders at Kampen's most popular bar will guide you through the ample assortment of special beers flowing from its taps – don't miss the superb seasonal bocks. In warm weather, tables and chairs spill …
Cultural in Kampen

Kamper Ui(t) dagen

Kampen's summer festival brings a flurry of street entertainment into town for five weeks in July and August.
Museum in Kampen

Stedelijk Museum

The city museum occupies the old and new town halls, the former a late Gothic masterpiece adorned with sculpted figures. The top-floor exhibit is devoted to water and its crucial role in the town's development; belo…