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Kampen is a hub of national bike routes: LF15, which heads northwest to Urk and east to Zwolle (18km); LF23, which follows the old coast below Flevoland and goes 130km west to Amsterdam; LF22, which also follows the old coast north and west to Friesland; and LF3, which runs south via Zwolle to Arnhem.

To get to the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, 21km north, pick up national bike routes LF3 or LF22.


Kampen has two stations: one just across the IJssel for the local run from Zwolle (€3.50, 10 minutes, two per hour), and another 2km south, Kampen-Zuid, on the direct line to Amsterdam (€16.70, 70 minutes) via Lelystad. Bus No 74 shuttles between the two stations.