Top Choice Historic Building in Kampen

Nieuwe Toren

This landmark tower, built purely as a show of wealth in the 17th century, stands tall (albeit it with an incredible lean) on main street Oudestraat. Its carillon (1659–62), originally strung with 30 bells but now c…
Ship in Kampen

Kamper Kogge

Nicknamed the Black Lady of Kampen, the Kampe Kogge is an impressive reconstruction (using medieval materials and techniques) of a 14th-century cog – a ship used to transport salt, wood, grain, herrings, wine, amber…
Museum in Kampen

Stedelijk Museum

The city museum occupies the old and new town halls, the former a late Gothic masterpiece adorned with sculpted figures. The top-floor exhibit is devoted to water and its crucial role in the town's development; belo…
Historic Building in Kampen


The oldest city gate of medieval Kampen to survive, the Koornmarktpoort was built next to the corn market in the 14th century and fortified with a twinset of sturdy squat towers a century later. Occasional exhibitio…
Museum in Kampen


Religious icons are the subject of this museum in a 17th-century monastery. Hundreds from around the world are shown here, spanning the centuries; most originate from Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Ethiopia and Romania.
Historic Building in Kampen


This medieval city gate, with its four slender towers, is on the western fringe of the old town. It was built in 1465 but refashioned during the Renaissance around 1615.
Historic Building in Kampen


This sturdy, rectangular city gate was constructed in 1465 but rebuilt in a Renaissance style around 1615.