Hoorn attractions

Top Choice Museum in Hoorn

Westfries Museum

Housed in the former seat of the Staten-College (States' Council), the body that once governed seven towns in Noord-Holland, this absorbing museum has a rich collection of historical paintings – so rich that it was …
Square in Hoorn

Rode Steen

Hoorn's heyday as a shipping centre is long gone, but the imposing statue of Jan Peterzoon Coen, founder of the Dutch East India Company, still watches over the Rode Steen (Red Stone or Fortress), the square named f…
Museum in Hoorn

Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw

In the vast former prison on Oostereiland, south of the Hoofdtoren, this entertaining museum is devoted to household goods and modern inventions. Among the eye-openers are a 1964 Philips mainframe computer – a clunk…
Historic Building in Hoorn


Overshadowing surrounding historic buildings, the massive defensive gate Hoofdtoren (1532), topped by a tiny belfry, now houses an atmospheric restaurant.