Top Choice Fusion in Groningen


You could watch the artistry of chef Jean-Michel Hengge from the street. But why just be a voyeur? Menus change regularly, with lobster, scallops and lamb taking prominent roles. Hengge picks the vegetables from his…
Dutch in Groningen

Eeterie de Globe

Such a deal: soup or appetizer plus a hearty plate of veggies, fish or meat with sides for under 10 euros. No wonder the large, bright dining hall is much patronised by students and other euro-pinchers. The menu cha…
Dutch in Groningen


Last of a line of boisterous terrace cafes, this one is especially gezellig (cosy), with a well-demarcated dining area. Go for the weekly and monthly specials – cheap and served up quick. The kitchen's open till 10p…
Dutch in Groningen


Come evening, trad Dutch fare is served on the upper level of this brown cafe, featuring three stews nightly. Don't miss the 'Groninger Rijstafel' – no rice, but plenty of bacon and onions.
Cafe in Groningen

Huis De Beurs

From its busy corner of the Vismarkt, sidewalk tables give a prime vantage for the inevitable speeding cyclist–dawdling shopper catastrophe. The casual menu of salads, sandwiches and hot specials is also served insi…
Sandwiches in Groningen

Amsterdams Broodjeshuis

An unpretentious purveyor of classic Dutch comfort food, this fluorescent-lit diner has just three formica tables and counter seating. The many broodjes (sandwiches) include eel, croquette and salmon salad, but the …